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Tempe Micro Estates - Monthly Construction Updates

Construction began in late November 2020. Expected completion is late-summer 2021.

Learn more about this first-of-its-kind project and how to purchase a home at Tempe Micro Estates on our project information page.

January 2021

In January, the perimeter retaining wall foundations were dug and installed along with some of the perimeter walls. Storm drains and the substantial underground retention chambers have been installed -- they'll hold more than 38,000 gallons of rainwater from a single storm and allow it to percolate into the ground. Sewer and water lines to each lot were installed. An old swimming pool was found deep in the center of the site which was partially removed where it conflicted with the water, sewer, and storm water drains. Soil from the retention area was added to the site, but even more soil will be needed to bring the site up to the required height.

Looking forward into February, water and sewer connections will be completed on site and connected to the city's system. Soil for the foundations will start being imported to the site. Footings and stem wall trenches, rebar, and concrete will be installed for the first four homes -- lots 13, 12, 11, and 10.

November/December 2020

We started construction on Monday, November 23 with the demolition of the cul-de-sac and existing site walls, installed temporary fencing, and otherwise set up the site for next steps. We have had the surveyor come to the site as well as our engineer for soil testing of the foundations. Additional soil tests were performed for the foundations, and foundation soil was excavated and recompacted to the required depths and density in preparation of foundation work next year. The storm water drywell and interceptor were drilled and installed in the parking area, water lines have been completed to each lot and the installation of storm water drain lines began.

Looking forward to January, sewer and storm water lines will continue to be installed, along with the underground retention system. Site retaining walls will be excavated and installed, with walls beginning to take shape.