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What We Do

Programs and Services

Programs and Services

We help people improve their financial situations and buy houses. Those two things help individuals and families build wealth and provide a home base for work, school, and life. And, in turn, that supports healthy schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Newtown offers several services that can work independently or together, including:

Financial programs

  • Credit Counseling
  • Financial Coaching

Homebuyer education programs

  • First-Time Homebuyer Workshops
  • Online Homebuyer Education Certificate Course
  • Housing Counseling

Affordable housing programs

  • Down-Payment Assistance
  • Community Land Trust (CLT)
  • CLT Homeowner Support

Credit Counseling
Regardless of your income level, Newtown’s specially trained counselors can help you understand and improve your credit rating. We will help you obtain a copy of your credit report, analyze it with you, identify any problems, and show you what you can do to improve your score. If you have been turned down for a loan, apartment, or credit card, call us. We can help. LEARN MORE

Financial Coaching
No matter where you are at today, our experienced financial coaches can help you reach your financial goals and improve your financial well-being,  We can help help you create a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals, in a process that is personalized and non-judgmental. LEARN MORE

Online Homebuyer Education Certificate Course
Many home loans and first-time homeowner assistance programs require proof that you have taken a homebuyer education course. Our HUD-approved online course will prepare you to navigate the homebuying process and to be a successful homeowner. It's available in English and Spanish, works on phones, tablets, or computers, and you can log in anytime you want and as many times as you need. LEARN MORE

Housing Counseling
Homeownership can seem like an impossible dream, but if you want to buy your own home, we may be able to help. Our certified, bilingual housing counselors can help evaluate your current situation and create an action plan so you qualify for the best possible loan. We will demystify the home-buying process; help you find financial assistance programs; give you reliable advice on working with lenders, real estate agents, title companies, and others; and we will be by your side to navigate loan documents, purchase contracts, and more. Our goal is to give you reliable information and trustworthy advice and to be with you every step of the way. LEARN MORE

Down-Payment Assistance
If you think you can't buy a house because you don't have enough savings for a down payment, we may be able to help. You may be eligible for up to $30,000 to help cover your down payment and closing costs, depending on where you buy and whether you meet the eligibility requirements. Our housing counselors can help you find out which down-payment assistance programs you may be eligible for; such as the WISH program, City of Mesa, and others. LEARN MORE

Community Land Trust
Newtown's Community Land Trust (CLT) is an innovative way to provide high-quality housing that will always remain affordable. Through the CLT, we build or renovate houses, then sell them at below-market rates to qualified buyers. The price is much lower than comparable houses because we only sell the house, while the land remains with the CLT and homeowners get a renewable 99-year lease for a small monthly fee. When CLT houses are resold, the resale price is restricted so that the sellers can make a profit, but the house remains affordable. Newtown has the largest CLT in Arizona, with houses across Maricopa County. LEARN MORE

CLT Homeowner Support
Everyone who purchases one of Newtown's CLT houses becomes part of our CLT homeowner support program, which offers a wide range of services including refinancing assistance, resale assistance, home-maintenance education, and a tool library. LEARN MORE