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Tempe Micro Estates

Reservations are now being accepted! To reserve a home at Tempe Micro Estates, you must first submit an application and meet with a housing counselor to verify your qualifications.
Click here for information on pricing and eligibility.

Thirteen modern, efficient, and small homes create a courtyard community focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere with less impact on the environment. Designed for maximum flexibility in a small footprint, these affordable, one–bedroom homes contain the best of small-home living. (Haga clic aquí para información en español)

Tempe Micro Estates is designed as an ‘intentional community,’ where residents share the desire to interact with their neighbors. Each home is small and private, but the sense of community around it is big.

Innovative and affordable, these homes are part of a Community Land Trust, providing resident controlled homes on community-owned land. The site features a 900-square foot Common Room near the front of the property providing a place to gather, share meals, relax, and interact with neighbors and friends. Each home faces a central courtyard, featuring Sonoran Desert-friendly landscape design, including: orchard and shade trees; native and edible plants; and, space for each resident to manage their own on-site kitchen garden for growing fresh, healthy foods.

The Estates are conveniently located near light rail and the future Tempe Streetcar, and are close to employment, shopping, healthcare, and entertainment.

All unit designs and project details are subject to change.

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View of the Common Room and the attached Accessible Home, from Rita Lane.

Applications for purchasing a home at Tempe Micro Estates are now open. Please review application and eligibility requirements closely.

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Unit Features

  • 600 sq. ft. homes with full-size appliances
  • Personal patio to relax and enjoy coffee or tea
  • Bright space with windows that open to take advantage of mild weather
  • On-site, individual “kitchen gardens”
  • Well-insulated and efficient systems designed to ‘sip’ A/C and heat
  • Low embodied energy, small carbon footprint, and low-waste construction
  • Locally-manufactured materials, as available
  • Homes designed to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® Home Performance Certification (learn more)
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Indoor airPLUS qualified homes (learn more)
  • Low-ongoing ownership costs: easy maintenance, quality materials
  • $15 monthly credit on your electric bill for 20 years, courtesy of APS and their Solar Communities Program
  • All homes meet the City of Tempe's Visitability guidelines, and one home is fully accessible and adaptable

Property Features

  • Centrally located: easy to walk, bike, or take transit to every-day necessities (map of nearby amenities)
  • Common Room: 900 sq. ft. community space
    • Provides indoor and outdoor gathering spaces
    • Encourages shared meals with community kitchen
    • Houses mailboxes, tool sharing, book and game library
    • Contains laundry facilities, with greywater feature that feeds landscaping and an option for line drying
    • Utilizes rainwater harvesting cistern with low-impact design to “plant the rain”
    • 5kw Community-Owned Photovoltaic System
    • Covered Parking (provided and owned by APS, as part of their Solar Communities Program)
  • Innovative landscaping: all on-site vegetation is edible or native flora to support a low-carbon lifestyle
  • Secure, safe, and welcoming community
  • Flexible open-space and on-site parking

Image Gallery

Tempe Micro Estates Home Buyer Information Meeting Presentation

Newtown held a buyer interest meeting on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at the Tempe Public Library for more than 90 interested individuals. Below is the presentation from that event.

If you would like a personal presentation to discuss the project or find additional details, contact Newtown today!

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Home Features
Renderings & images of homes are purely for illustrative purposes and should not be relied upon. These images may not accurately represent the actual condition of a home as constructed, and may contain options which are not standard on all homes. Images may also include decorative items, design elements and furniture which are not available for purchase even upon additional payment. The specific features, floor plans, square footage, dimensions and design elements in a home may vary from home to home and are subject to changes or substitution without prior notice. We reserve the right to substitute equipment, material, appliances and brand names with items of equal or higher, in our sole opinion, value. Color and size variations may occur. The prices of our homes, included features, and available locations are subject to change without notice. All photographs, renderings and other depictions are for the sole purpose of illustration.

Floor Plans & Elevations
Plans and elevations are artist’s renderings only, may not accurately represent the actual condition of a home as constructed. We reserve the right to make changes to these floor plans, specifications, dimensions, designs and elevations without prior notice. Stated dimensions and square footage are estimated and should not be used as representation of the home’s actual size or net usable square footage which may be less than the estimated square footage. All photographs, renderings and other depictions are for the sole purpose of illustration.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Site Plan
Site plans, maps, aerial photos, project photos and/or computer generated or enhanced depictions of the project may be posted on this site for illustration purposes only. All images shown are conceptual in nature and are merely an artist’s rendition, and may not accurately represent the actual condition of the item being represented. All photos/videos shown depict the project or home as of the date taken. All Illustrations are solely for illustrative purposes and should never be relied upon. The past, present, future or proposed roads, easements, land uses, conditions, plat maps, lot sizes or layouts, zoning, utilities, drainage, land conditions, or development of any type whatsoever, whether reflected on the illustrations, or whether inside or outside the boundaries of the illustrations, may not be shown or may be incomplete or inaccurate. The present, future or proposed roads, easements, land uses, conditions, plat maps, lot sizes or layouts, zoning, drainage, land conditions, or development of any type may or may not change in the future. It is not uncommon that any of the foregoing can change without notice to you. You should never rely on the accuracy of the foregoing or the illustrations in making any decisions relative to purchasing any property or undergoing a construction project. Newtown reserves the right to make changes to any of the foregoing at any time, without notice.